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Preventing Football Harms

Important players like Chelsea's Diego Costa and Arsenal's Jack Wilshere might miss opening matches of the 2015/2016 English Premier League for their specific clubs due to being on the sidelines. as we discuss

Truth be told, harms can not be removed completely considering soccer is an exceptionally contact sport (even the most prestigious teams and players deal with harm dilemmas every period) but it could really be minimized to the barest minimum, these are some of the methods to prevent injuries on the field of play.

Preparation before play- sometimes harms happen due to a deficiency of appropriate warm before getting into actions, seeing on television, you can see that players before being introduced into the game are requested to warm up. A prepared body adapts more to actions in relation to getting into play with bones that are stiff.

It is important that one jogs, stretches and keep fitness before 'going in' as it will go a long way in deciding whether you end up with an ankle injury or a goal. A local coach in Abuja, Nigeria (Martins John) I spoke to talked about the benefits of warm-ups before a game "As you can see, it is a daily routine for us here, when we assemble, we first of all jog, do extend ups before doing some work with the ball, it's not best to go direct into actions as the body is not ready, so you need to give it time to accommodate to what you needed to do with it"

Appropriate equipment- there are times when the players might be blamed for injuries by refusing to dress correctly for a game, the shin guard, is one of the very underrated gear in the sport because seeing that it is an exceptionally contact sport where legs are used, there is a tendency the shin will likely be tackled.

Additionally boots with ribbed soles or molded cleats ought to be used as people that have screw-in cleats often are connected with a higher danger of injury. However, shoes with cleats which are screwed in should be worn when more traction is needed, for example on a damp field with high grass.

Safe surroundings- when the goalkeeper and other team members inadvertently collide with the posts, goal posts ought to be well padded and properly fixed because it decreases the incidence of head injuries.

Additionally it's crucial that the playing surface is kept in a good shape. The holes should be filled, patches of bare field reseeded, if there are divets on the playing field, and debris removed not forgetting degree and state of grass.

Immediate first aid- most teams have a medical employees by the side during a training session or a match but for recreational teams, it's vital that the trainer know a lot about applying first aid when not handled instantly, because some harms get larger.

Wait to heal- A player i knew had a hamstring injury and without waiting for it to totally heal, restarted playing and he aggravated the injury and was out of action for two months instead of missing out for few days, so it is significant that you allow injury to heal before racing back.

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Soccer Hobby


Soccer is one of the most popular sports, if not the most popular sport or hobby in the world. The soccer World Cup, which is the world soccer tournament that goes occurs every four years, gets more viewers than any other sporting event in the world. Soccer is such a big deal in some countries that it has caused political tensions between nations when their teams have played against each other in the World Cup. So why is soccer such a great hobby for everyone? For one thing, it does not require much equipment to play soccer, you just need a soccer ball to kick around and a couple friends, and some sort of goal that you can use to kick the ball into. The rules are rather simple and obvious, you just kick the soccer ball around and try to kick it into the other team's goal to score, and you can't touch the soccer ball with your hands.


Kicking a soccer ball around is something that can be addicting and you can spend hours and hours doing it without getting bored. You can do different tricks with your like dribbling and or seeing how many times you can kick the soccer ball without letting it hit the ground. You can practice tricks like the bicycle where you jump and kick it sideways or kick it in the air while falling onto your back. You can do that one trick where you roll the ball with one foot onto the back of your other leg and then use that other leg to kick it forward, from behind, over your head; that's one of my favorites. It makes people think I am a good soccer player when I do that one, even though I am not.


One nice thing about soccer or a soccer hobby is that it definitely keeps you in shape with all of that running you have to do, and you have to be in pretty good shape to do well at soccer. Playing soccer is not like a light jog where you can just take it easy the whole time. You are at a full, dead sprint over and over. It's fun too, so it doesn't feel like you are just working out, you are playing a game instead. The last soccer team I played on was an indoor soccer team. I thought I was in shape, but then I could only last for a couple minutes before I had to take a breather, each time I went in.


One of my earliest memories of playing soccer was when I was on a little league soccer team as a kid. I was playing defense and all I did was kick the ball as hard as I could to the other end of the field every time it came to me. I also remember afterwards, I ate a piece of chocolate candy with the wrapper still on it. I didn't swallow it, but it made me sick and had to quit dribbling my soccer ball on the way home from the soccer game, while I puked because the feeling in my mouth was so disgusting. I think my body was worked up from the sprinting in the soccer game as well and my stomach was tight. It still makes me sick to think about that experience all of these years later. But I sure had fun as a kid playing on my soccer team and had a lot of good experiences. I also still have a lot of good memories from my soccer days as a kid. It was fun being the center of attention as I kicked the ball around each time it came to me. I wasn't that good though, and I played defense, so I usually just gave the soccer ball a nice boot to the other side of the field each time it came to me.


There are a lot of drills you can do with a soccer balls, just on your own to become a better soccer player. You can just practice dribbling, as mentioned above, where you just kick the soccer ball back and forth between your legs as you run. Once you get good at dribbling the soccer ball, you can show it off when you play games, but dribbling the soccer ball and cutting past people. Or, you can practice kicking and aiming the soccer ball at a certain point on a wall or practice kicking it into the goal or passing with the side of you foot, so you can get your aim better and score more goals when you play. You can dribble the soccer ball with your feet while weaving through cones. You can practice heading the soccer ball and aiming with your head. For some reason soccer player's favorite thing to do is hit the soccer ball with their heads.

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